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HR Policy  
Personnel Policy for Improving the Condition of Workers

1. Free accommodation in workers colony for every worker.
2. We have employed lady workers. Regular free to and fro transport facility providing to
lady workers from their residence to mill.
3. Emergency vehicle facility to every employee.
4. Medical facility from ESI.
5. Regular check up by Expert doctors.
6. Hygienic working conditions are emphasized.
7. Colony is maintained neat & clean.
8. Advance and loan facility for every employee.
9. Monthly contamination allowance to the workers of winding section of production dept.
10. Production incentive to the workers of production dept.
11. Monthly attendance allowance is granted to the workers in case of full attendance.
12. Double over Time.
13. Regular participation in management decision making
14. Games and tournaments are conducted frequently cultural programs and performance award are distributed on Company Annual Day Function
15. Grocery-shop facility at cheap rate for every employee.
16. Coupon for food for workers who work on rest day or over time.